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Dealing with discouragement can't always be easy. We have had people at school tell is we can't do it, or it wont go anywhere. It was hard. People who were supposedly our friends, and supported us turn on us. We have had a lot of that lately, but we chose to put that aside. Be like Jesus and turn the other cheek. Arguing with them wont help, trust me, they aren't worth your time. Rather than arguing or bickering with them, spend all that time in your bible, helping a friend, or taking time to grow with God.

xoxo, Lacey<3

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  • Livin in the Light Team

1) People are always going to be critiquing you. Whether its Annalyse with gymnastics, Lacey with dance, or Gen with track, you can never be perfect. People are going to hate, no matter what. You may not necessarily like the people judging or critiquing you, but remember: God calls us to love, not like. 2) Don't let others opinions determine what you and God have planned in your life. God is allowing the devil to test your loyalty to God and His will for your life.

xoxo, Lacey & Annalyse <3

  • Livin in the Light Team

So as you have noticed we have been VERY inactive. Being in middle school isn't always easy. We are going to get back on track with: weekly blog posts, frequent Instagram pics, a daily twitter thoughts. Unless God forbids, we are back for good!!

xoxo, Lacey

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